About This Tool

This tool was created to help poultry producers know how prepare for a disease outbreak, what can be expected during the response process, and how they can be involved.

Why Use this Tool?

Put simply, using this tool will help you know how to prepare and how to be involved in the HPAI response, which will lead to a more streamlined process, getting your farm back up and running as soon as possible. 
By creating a profile in this tool you will gain access to the information that you, a producer, should know. Policy documents can be lengthy and hard to understand, but the information here is tailored specifically for you.  By entering information into this tool, you will have organized steps to follow if disease strikes your farm or your neighbor's farm.  

Available Information

There are 6 main stages to the HPAI disease response process. This tool will lead you through all 6 steps. When first creating an account, you will be asked to fill out information about your farm. This information will create a custom profile for your farm which will allow you and other response personnel to implement a process quickly and smoothly during a disease outbreak.  

In addition to information on the disease response process, you will be able to access additional resources such as a universal avian influenza sample submission form, disposal calculation tool, temperature logs, and much more! 

How the Information Will Be Used

The information entered into this tool will be used in two ways. The first use is for you- a producer. You will enter information on “daily activities” which will serve as the list of people to contact when sick birds are found; other entered information will be used to pre-fill submission forms, give suggestions on depopulation options, etc.

The second use is for responders. If your premises were to become infected, responders from the Minnesota Board of Animal Health (MN BAH) or United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will be able to search for a premises by your National Premises ID (PIN). They will be able to, view and print the farm map and a form called the First Questionnaire, which they will bring to a farm to finish collecting information needed for appraisal and depopulation activities. Having an aerial farm map with the associated information before they come onto your farm will greatly speed up depopulation, because the response team will know exactly what equipment you have on site, and thus, what they would need to bring and how to prepare for your exact farm and barn layout. 


This tool was paid for by US Poultry and Egg Association. All information entered by producers is securely stored and only accessible by approved MN BAH and USDA users. 

The information on this site was developed from policy documents from the USDA and MN BAH. To get full USDA documents and the latest news on HPAI please visit USDA Materials and References. For the MN BAH Poultry information please visit MN BAH-Poultry.

This site is intended for MN poultry producers, although, much of the information is applicable to producers in other states. 

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