When disaster strikes the time to prepare has passed.

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Be prepared for when an outbreak happens.

Is your farm ready?

We have the information you and state agencies require to successfully manage an outbreak. Create an account to begin preparing your plan by following the 6 steps below.

Step 1Alert & Self-Quarantine

Learn the essential steps to prevent disease from getting onto your farm and keep disease from leaving if your birds are sick. 

Step 2Testing

Identify an infected flock early! Get your testing form, laboratory information, testing supplies, and instructions.

Step 3Appraisal & Indemnity

Understand the steps and what you will need to do. Speed up the indemnity process by gathering information before you need to.

Step 4Depopulation

Rapid depopulation is necessary to control disease spread and spare birds from suffering. Learn about available depopulation methods and what you can do to prepare. 

Step 5Disposal

Proper disposal ensures that the virus in carcasses and litter is destroyed. Learn the best disposal method for your farm, how to prepare, and the process to get it done.

Step 6Virus Elimination

To get your farm back up and running, the virus must be eliminated from the barns. Learn the essential steps of cleaning and disinfection so your farm can be back up and running as soon as possible.

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